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As a result of changes to the Hazardous Substances (Tank wagons and Transportable Containers) Regulations 2004 along with the EPA Approved HSNOCoP 6 v2.1 Code of Practice for Flammable Liquid Tank Wagons 07/2008, tank wagons are now required to be issued with Test Certificates prior to commissioning. Also, tank wagons as defined in the latest Code of  Practice now require certification on a continuing 2 yearly basis.

The definition of a Tank Wagon as defined in clause 1.5.7 of the Code of Practice for Flammable Liquids Tank Wagons - HSNOCoP 6.1 July 2008 is as follows:

Any vehicle constructed for the primary purpose of the bulk carriage of Liquids with Class 3.1A, 3.1B, 3.1C or 3.1D Hazard Classification in a tank or tanks. Tank wagons may be one of the following types.
(a) Tank Truck (rigid) - A single vehicle having its own means of propulsion, or
(b) Tank Semi-trailer - A vehicle, including a prime mover, constructed so that, when drawn through a fifth wheel or turntable connection, part of the load rests on the towing vehicle (includes B trains) or
(c) Tank Trailer - A vehicle which does not have its own means of propulsion, but does not include a tank semi-trailer, or
(d) Prime Mover - A vehicle used to pull Tank Semi-Trailers carrying Liquids with Class 3.1A, 3.1B, 3.1C or 3.1D Hazard Classification or
(e) Airport Only Refueller - A vehicle that is used primarily for refuelling aircraft at airports and which has nil (or limited) travel on public roads.

Alan Poulsen Engineering Ltd of Dunedin (HSNO Approved Tank Fabricator No.29) in association with Approved HSNO Certification Ltd wishes to advise that we now offer a comprehensive maintenance and HSNO Test Certification service to the flammable liquid transport industry operating throughout the Otago and Southland regions. This covers all Class 3 with flashpoints less than or equal to 93°C and includes flammable liquid waste for waste oil recovery and flammable liquid vacuum tank wagons.

Legal Requirements:

The design of any new tank wagon or the assessment of any existing vehicle which is undergoing major modification for use under the Code of Practice for Flammable Liquid Tank Wagons must be certified by a qualified Test Certifier.

Ongoing Inspection Requirements:

All Tank Wagons and Trailer Tanks constructed after 2004 require regular ongoing inspections that include:
  • 3 monthly in-service test inspection*
  • 6 monthly Certificate of Fitness issued by a Ministry of Transport Automotive Survey Section agent
  • 2 yearly in-service Test Certificate issued by an Environmental Protection Authority approved Test Certifier*

* Alan Poulsen Engineering Ltd can assist you with these inspections

For further information relating to testing requirements please refer to the Hazardous Substances (Tank Wagons and Transportable Containers) Regulations  - Part 7 'Test Certification' or click here for a link to the regulations.

Services Provided:
  • Pre-Commissioning Test Certification for all tank wagons, tank trailers,  aircraft re-fuellers, waste oil tank wagons and Class 3 vacuum tank wagons (including Roll Over Vent Testing) to verified designs by approved fabricators
  • In-Service Test Certification for all of the above units
  • Test Certification of tractor units/prime movers for Classes 2 (LPG) & 3
  • Construction of approved and certified tank trailers to 2000l CIass 3.1A-D
  • TMU Calibration
  • Overhaul, audits, checks and repairs – tank wagons – all aspects and equipment
  • As well as manufacturing and installing fuel storage facilities, Alan Poulsen Engineering Ltd also specialises in underground tank removal, soil sampling and site clean ups.

NB: We can arrange Test Certification of tank wagon and trailers through a third party to avoid any conflict of interest under HSNO s.82

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